Start a Troop

Want to start a Girl Scout troop? Here’s how!

So you want to start a Girl Scout Troop? Thank you! You’ve made the decision to join our movement and help girls build courage, confidence, and character. As a community-driven organization, we rely upon amazing adults like you and truly appreciate your investment of time, energy, and heart.

Below is an outline of the steps needed to get a troop up and running down the Girl Scouts road. The details on how to take each step can be found in this document. Once done, you will be ready to start a troop and to let the fun begin!

Step 1:

Complete a volunteer application so we can begin a background check, and register as an Adult Member.

Step 2:

Gather your team of troop volunteers. Refer to the “Forming Troop Teams” tip sheet to learn more!

Step 3:

Once you have passed your background check, you will receive a welcome message.

Step 4:

Participate in a short and sweet volunteer placement interview.

Step 5:

Get trained. You’ll find out exactly what training you need in the welcome email and during your interview.

Step 6:

Get connected with council staff and other volunteers. We’ll point you in the right direction!

Step 7:

The Troop Administrator receives the roster of girls and coordinates with the troop team to schedule the first meeting.

Step 8:

The Troop Treasurer will work with at least one additional, unrelated, approved volunteer to open a troop bank account.

Step 9:

Hold your first meeting, set expectations, and get parents involved!

Step 10:

Let  girl leadership – and fun – begin!

Throughout all these steps—and beyond—we are here to help you learn, grow, and do as a Girl Scout volunteer. Resources are available on our website and by picking up the phone to connect with us at any time so that we can truly support you as you support the girls.