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Rewards and Recognitions

Everybody knows that Girl Scout Cookies are one-of-a-kind, delicious treats, but not everybody knows that the experience of selling them is about  so much more than just what’s in the box.

It’s also about developing important financial literacy and decision-making skills, all while having a blast with your friends! From decorating crowd-stopping cookie booths, to donating piles of cookies to Cookies for a Cause, to meeting your goals — we can’t wait to see what you’ll achieve, and reward you for your hard work!

Don’t forget: Goal Setting is one of the 5 Skills that sets girls up for financial success, in cookies selling, and in life.

Troop Proceeds

By setting troop and individual goals, you not only gain troop funds, you also learn how to create a plan for success! Troop proceeds are on a tiered selling structure, based on a box-per-girl average. The more you sell=the more you earn!

So, you’ve reached your goal (awesome!). Now what? The fun part: deciding how to spend your hard-earned cash! Once you’ve come to a group decision, don’t forget to drop us a line and tell us what adventures you and your troop decide on!

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough will be redeemed in $5 increments, and can be used for:

Girl Rewards

In addition to all the skills they’re learning from selling cookies, Girl Scouts can earn so many cool rewards for participating in the program!

Check out all the rewards that girls can earn for the 2022 Cookie Program! 

2022 Product Champion Club: Girls and volunteers who participate in both the Fall Product and Cookie Programs can become members of the Product Champion Club!  Girls who send 15 emails through M2 and create an avatar during Fall Product, and sell 240+ boxes of cookies will earn a Personalized Patch. Girls who sell 8+ items during Fall Product and 450+ boxes of cookies will earn the exclusive Product Champion Club Patch! One volunteer from each troop who turns in a Troop Agreement form for both programs, and meets the following PGA goals, will receive a Girl Scout soccer scarf:

  • 30 + PGA Fall Product AND
  • 220+ Initial Order PGA OR 255+ Final PGA Cookies