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Fall Product Program

Why Participate?

  • The Fall Product Program (selling magazines, nuts and candy) is a great way to kick off the Girl Scout year by quickly earning money for uniforms, Journey Books, camp and other fun troop activities.
  • Girls have the chance to earn additional bonus rewards and patches earned only by girls that participate in both Fall AND Cookie programs.
  • Girls learn five life skills: goal setting, money management, decision making, business ethics, and people skills.

How Troops Get Started:

  • Make sure all girls in your troop are 2023 registered members
  • Ask your service unit if a Fall Product training or Rally will be hosted 
  • Submit your Fall Product Troop Agreement Form (Forms and Guides section below)
  • If you are opening a new troop bank account or changing signers on an existing bank account, complete and update all Troop Banking paperwork (

Ask your Service Unit Fall Product Manager for more information, or Member Services at or 800-474-1912.

Individually Registered Girls can also participate in Fall Product program! You will not need to open a bank account. For more information about how you can participate, please email

For technical issues/questions about the M2 online storefront, please call 800-372-8520 or email


Service Unit Volunteers are required to view 2021 Fall Product Training available on gsLearn prior to participating. Troop Fall Product training will be provided by Service Unit Volunteers. Questions regarding Fall Product Training can be submitted to

Sept. 23

All volunteer paperwork due

Sept. 23

Volunteer access to online storefront is available

Sept. 23 Fall Product Program begins; Girl access to the online storefront becomes available
Oct. 7

$0.01 ACH from Troop bank accounts

Oct. 9

Order Card and Online Girl Delivery ends; Online Direct Ship still available

Oct. 12

Troop Order Cards input deadline

Oct. 26 Online Direct Ship ends; Fall Product Program ends
Oct. 27

Girl Reward selection process ends

Oct. 31-Nov. 4 

Product delivery to SU

Dec. 2

Product Theft Form(s) due

Dec. 2

Money due in troop bank accounts

Week of Dec. 5 Final ACH
Forms and Guides
Forms, Guides, & More
Online Storefront

It's so easy to sell nuts, candy, and magazines with the M2 Online Storefront! In a few steps, you'll be launching a sales campaign with an avatar created just for you!

Ready to begin? Create a new account or log in to your existing account here!

Tip Sheets

  • Stay tuned for new Tip Sheets!

Use these resources to ensure girl and adult safety during the Fall Product Program.

Training Videos for Volunteers

Please refer to the following videos to learn more about various aspects of the Fall Product Program. 


Training Videos for Girls

Please refer to the following videos to learn more about various aspects of the Fall Product Program. 



If you have any Fall Product questions, email