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Fall Product Program


Why Participate?

  • The Fall Product Program (selling magazines, nuts and candy) is a great way to kick off the Girl Scout year by quickly earning money for uniforms, Journey Books, camp and other fun troop activities.
  • Girls have the chance to earn additional bonus rewards and patches earned only by girls that participate in both Fall AND Cookie programs.
  • Girls learn five life skills: goal setting, money management, decision making, business ethics, and people skills.

How Troops Get Started:

  • Make sure all girls in your troop are 2021 registered members
  • Ask your service unit if a Fall Product training or Rally will be hosted 
  • Submit your Fall Product Troop Agreement Form (Forms and Guides section below)
  • If you are opening a new troop bank account or changing signers on an existing bank account, complete and update all Troop Banking paperwork (troopbanking@girlscoutcsa.org)

Ask your Service Unit Product Manager for more information, or Member Services at info@girlscoutcsa.org or 800-474-1912.

Individually Registered Members can also participate in Fall Product program!  You will not need to open a bank account. For more information about how you can participate, please email info@girlscoutcsa.org.

For technical issues/questions about the M2 online storefront, please call 800-372-8520 or email question@gsnutsandmags.com.


Service unit volunteers will receive mandatory 2020 Fall Product Program training during the Leadership Summit in August. Troop Fall Product training will also be offered in a seperate session at the Leadership Summit this year! 

Aug. 17-22

Fall Product Training at the Virtual Leadership Summit

Sept. 21

All troop paperwork due

Sept. 23

Volunteer access to the online storefront is available

Sept. 25 Fall Product Program begins; Girl access to the online storefront becomes available
Oct. 11

Order Card and Online Girl Delivery ends; Online Direct Ship still available

Oct. 14

Troop Order Cards input deadline in Online Storefront

Oct. 27 $0.01 ACH from Troop bank accounts
Oct. 28

Online Direct Ship ends; Fall Product Program ends

Oct. 29 Girl Reward selection process ends
Nov. 2-6 Product delivery to service units
Dec. 2

Product Theft form(s) due

Dec. 4

Money due in troop bank accounts

Forms and Guides
  • Family Guide (pdf)
  • Volunteer Guide (pdf)
  • Rally Guide for Service Units (pdf) 
  • Promo Kit (pdf)
  • Product Champion Club flyer (pdf)
  • Troop Meeting Activities (pdf)
  • Troop Goal Chart (pdf)
Online Storefront

It's so easy to sell nuts, candy, and magazines with the M2 Online Storefront! In a few steps, you'll be launching a sales campaign with an avatar created just for you!

Ready to begin? Create a new account or log in to your existing account here!

Tip Sheets

  • How to Register for M2
  • Managing your Troop in M2
  • Entering paper orders for families (pdf)
  • Reaching troop goals and entering paper orders for volunteers (pdf)
  • Product pickup and rewards selection for all (pdf)

Use these resources to ensure girl and adult safety during the Fall Product Program.

Service Unit Resources
  • Troop training information for service units (.pdf)
  • Training PowerPoint (.pptx)
  • Training slides handout (.pdf)
  • Training script (.pdf)
  • Training sign-in sheet (.pdf)
  • Fall Product Program volunteer resources (.pdf)
  • Spotlight Talking Points and Bingo Activity
  • Tip Sheet: Setting Up the Troop Pick-up Scheduler