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Girl Scout Troop

How to Start a Troop

Are you ready to start a troop of your own? You’ll need two adults to volunteer, yourself and one other—one of which must volunteer as the troop administrator! A troop should consist of at least two approved, unrelated volunteers, and five girls.

Once you join Girl Scouts, pass the background check, and get trained, you’re ready to get started!


1. Become a member of Girl Scouts. 


2. Within two weeks:
  • Complete a criminal background check (once you sign up for Girl Scouts, you'll get an email to complete a background check)
  • Complete New Troop Orientation
    See New Troop Orientation options >>
  • Select a meeting location
  • Confirm troop assignment


 3. Within four weeks:
  • Hold a parent meeting
  • Create a year plan in the Volunteer Toolkit
  • Hold your first troop meeting!
  • Connect with your service unit
  • Open a troop bank account (usually done by the Troop Administrator and Troop Treasurer)

Remember, your service unit manager and experience manager are available for help and advice! You can reach out to them at any time, or contact us at 1.800.474.1912, or email