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Troop Banking

From funding a once-in-a-lifetime troop trip to demonstrating valuable money-management skills in the Girl Scout Cookie Program—our volunteers are the real-life role models for our girls when it comes to establishing savvy money smarts!

How to Start a New Troop Bank Account

As a volunteer, here's what you need to know about setting up your troop banking account:

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Find your other signer!

All troop bank accounts MUST have two authorized signers.

Both signers must be registered for the current Girl Scout year AND have a current, eligible background check on file. The signers cannot be related by blood or marriage, and they cannot live in the same household.

Need help getting your second signer registered? Contact us.

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Submit Troop Bank Account Authorization and ACH Agreement Form

To request a letter of authorization, submit the online form below or by using this link.

This form will also act as your ACH agreement, which means your troop will be ready to participate in the Fall Product and Girl Scout Cookie Programs.

Within three business days, both signers on the bank account will receive an email from council with the copy of the corporate resolution and letter of authorization.

You'll take these with you to the bank.

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Go to the bank

Take the corporate resolution, letter of authorization, and your second signer with you when you go to open your bank account.

Note: Some financial institutions require different amounts of start-up cash. Be sure to ask whether there is a lesser amount available. Some troops choose to collect dues from parents/caregivers to cover this initial cost. Additionally, some service units offer new troops a start-up loan.

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Send a copy of your bank signature card/account agreement form to council.

Send a copy of your bank signature card/account agreement form to the council at, or by fax or mail. You can also drop it off at your local service center.

Bank Signature Card Example

The bank signature card/account agreement form may look like this example.

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That wasn't too bad, right?

You'll receive an email from council when your bank account is all set up and your troop is ready to begin banking. The email will be sent to the same email/contact who submitted the copy of the bank signature card in Step 4.

How to Change Authorized Signers

Complete the Change in Bank Account Signers form below or by using this link. Once you complete this form, you'll receive the information needed to take to your financial institution within three business days.

Troop Banking Resources
Financial Worksheet & Volunteer Toolkit

Volunteer Toolkit: Troop administrators can use the finance tab in the Volunteer Toolkit to submit their financial worksheets with notes to council and upload six months of bank statements (December through May). Troop treasurers, we recommend that you submit your forms to your troop administrators for uploading. If you have questions, please see your relationship manager.

Financial Worksheet and Deadline. This worksheet is used to track troop bank records for the year. Completed worksheets, along with six months of bank statements (December through May), must be submitted by June 15 or when a troop disbands. We encourage volunteers to submit the information through the finance tab in the Volunteer Toolkit. It's important to note that a Financial Worksheet MUST be submitted to the council in order to participate in next year's product programs. This is a requirement for all existing troops, not new troops forming for the new membership year.

Submit your completed worksheet to


Download the updated Financial Worksheet (excel)