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Staff Directory

Executive Office

Lynne FugateChief Executive Officerx1001
Anissa McGinnisSenior Assistant to the CEOx1035

Human Resources

Melissa BerryVice President of Human Resourcesx1006
Rebecca LaneSenior Human Resource Generalistx1026


Amanda MeridethChief Operating Officerx2020
Cindee McBrideSouth Area Directorx2003
Sandra JonesMember Services Representativex3004
Evelyn MappMember Services Representativex2004
Lisa WilliamsOperational Support Managerx3009
Jowana DunlapData Coordinatorx1039
Debbie LaneData Coordinatorx2009
Paula IrwinDirector of Programmingx2016
Becky LunsfordCommunity Relations Managerx3014
Amanda JohnsonPrograms Managerx1017
Sarah HintonPrograms Managerx1023
Haowei TongNorth Area Directorx3013
Allie GoyetteSenior Experience Manager (Service units 612, 614, 617, 618, 619, 620)x3010
Heather MazzouccoloCentral Area Director (Service units 220, 234, 246, 248, 286, 294)x2013
Anna DirlCustomer Care Managerx1019
Ginger WrightSenior Experience Manager (Service units 214, 219, 228, 254, 255, 290 & 296)x1009
Chris RicciExperience Manager (Service units 403, 409, 414, 416, 417, 419, 421)x2002
Liza FoleySenior Experience Manager (Service units 272, 401, 407, 408, 422)x2008
Sabrina BlandVolunteer Development Managerx2015
Sherra RobinsonExperience Manager (Service units 252 & 258)x1002
Aynnie MillerExperience Manager (Service units 603, 608, 629, 636)x3005
Bob MooreDirector of Operational Supportx1041
Kimberly WiseExperience Manager (service units 220, 234, 246, 248, 286 & 294)x2018
Kristian Lewis Member Services Representative - Inside Salesx1020
Rebekah KnisleyMember Services Representativex3002
Marthanne AllisonMember Services Representativex1028
Susan Weber Member Services Representativex2006
Annie Williams Experience Manager (Service units 404, 405, 406, 410, 411, 418)2010
Amanda DeRossett Experience Manager (Service units 270, 276, 280)x2022
Jessi Hesseldahl Experience Manager (Service unit 230)x3011
Pam SmithExperience Manager (Service units 202, 206, 2010, 250)x1011
Stephanie BurtonExperience Manager (Service Units 601, 605, 622, 630, 635)x3008
Randi BroeckerMember Services Representativex2006
Patsy OgleMember Services Representativex1018


Elizabeth KramerVice President of Philanthropyx1027
Marguerite HoganSpecial Events and Campaign Managerx2007
Beth CollmanGrants Managerx1010


Gretchen CrawleyVice President of Communicationsx1036
Melanie WintonGraphic Designer & Digital Content Coordinatorx1065
Brooke ConnerSocial Media and Content Coordinatorx1038
Lucy BranamCreative Content Coordinatorx1014
Charlotte Gates Buyerx3022


Ann Campbell Wallace, CPAChief Financial Officerx1003
David HopkinsDirector of Property Management
J.L. ComptonCamp Adahi Ranger
Jeri DoddFinancial and Operational Administratorx1005
Sabra McDonaldGeneral Ledger Accountantx1060
Mia ConwellFinancial Services Representativex1033

Product Programs

Courtney WattsVice President of Product Programsx1008
Sandy HubbellProduct Operations Managerx2005
Tammy GredigProduct Services Representativex1040